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“Place attachment can be defined as the cognitive and emotional connection of an individual to a particular scenario or environment, or in a broader sense, as the experience of a long-term affective bond to a particular geographic area and the meanings ascribed to such a bond, changing overtime, which develop a sense of belonging in people that makes a particular place an anchor of their identity.”


I have always had an attachment to place, as I child I had an affinity with the place I lived and create imaginary worlds within my childhood neighbourhood. But as you grow older, this attachment becomes less and less. While the sense of belonging remains to the places you one traversed daily, the memories of the place fades. During Lockdown I was able to retrace the steps of my childhood.


These landscapes reveal a personal narrative with the neighbourhood from my childhood. These photographs are part of a journey rediscovering places that I would traverse as a child. During lockdown, my inability to travel outside the 5km radius meant that I revisited places from my childhood that I hadn’t been to in years. I am looking at the child’s viewpoint of the world and the magic created by their mind.