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My own father was not what people would have considered to be the ideal of what is meant to be masculine, he had a disability which meant he was really gentle and not at all seen as a typical alpha male. But he was a great leader and role model to others.


The concept of toxic masculinity has grown in the last few years to a point where it seems the only way for young boys to be seen as masculine is to partake in this ‘boys will be boys’ culture. ‘Man up’ toughen up, men don’t cry, men are not afraid, men protect, they provide, they lead, they suppress their dreams, emotions and pain to provide for their family. They do not share their emotions as it is considered a weakness reserved only for women.


In this project I am looking to represent an alternative to this narrative in men that I find on the street. I look for a gentleness and empathy in the subjects in order to represent this alternative.