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The landscape has stories to tell and so do I. Many milestones, timelines and growing pains we share, the landscape and I. The trees gave me hope as they held such beauty. The river made me question and contemplate. Layers of teenage sadness are not without sunlight when held by the winter sun. This landscape is not just my home, it holds everybody's heads and hearts. My insides bum and my vision contrasts this inner resistance with the landscape's elegance. That must be why I stay.


Journeying through shadows are a series of twelve photographs that reflect on layers of powerlessness, surrender and strength. These photos tell a story of a young girl living through abuse. Perseverance, grace and faith bloom perspective and humble humility.


"Nature nurtured me for she was what I called home, cradled by the hills, I cried to the trees and knew I might be alright."


35mm film.